Do No Harm

A Global Game Jam game from 2016 where the player must travel through time to discover what is happening.

This project was done over the Global Game Jam 2016. It was on a team of 8 people over 48 hours. It was not fully completed, but it was a very informative and a great expereince.
For this project I worked mainly as a technical director, using Unity as the Game Engine. I primiarily worked on implementing all of the art assets into the game. This required working with the artist and making sure that all of the art was the right size and quality needed for the game. 
I also worked with all of the people on the team to come up with the idea and stroy for the game. the full story is not seen in the game due to the time constraints. Overall though we fullfilled what we want to achieve in the game. I also do some programming and creation of the mechanics in the game. This started by making the generic movement and physics that affected the game, and ended up with what is actually in the game. This was also done for the Enemies. The last thing that I did was level design and I created all of the layouts for all of the levels. 
See More and play the game at:
This is the title screen of the game.
This is the first level where you can see the main character and some of the background art for the game. It didn't seem to align right and so I would like to go back and redo that if I can.
This is where a majority of the story is told in the game. Even though there is supposed to be more in the game, this gives enough that the player can tell what is going on.
This shows the enemy for level 2 and also a second world that you can see. Anything with a gold outline on it is interactable, so the player can hide or change floors. The player can also attack enemies and defeat them if they hit them. At some point we would like to go back and make the player have some better health and battle tactics.
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