A game that was made for Global Game Jam 2015. Travel through the house as Eileen as you try and figure out what is going on.

This is a game that was made for Global Game Jam 2015. It was made with teammates: Erin Bendle, Kyle Peck, Kevin Adams, Nick Luciani, Chad Watson, and Aaron Shular. For this game I worked as the lead designer, a programmer, and did some concept art/minor art. I took up the role of lead desiger, but the game was an overall collaberation and created by the team as a whole. For most of the Game Jam, I was focused on keeping everyone on track, and making sure that a working game came out of our work. As a programmer I didn't do too much individual code, instead I helped the other teammembers to learn some code while fixing some bugs that they found. On the art side I made up half of the room layouts and designs. After the rooms were created, I was tasked with destroying them. Effects were added later by other team members. 
This game taught me a lot about game design and scope. We set an extremly large scope for a game to be made in 48 hours. It was also a little hard to find something for people to do at times becuase the team was so big. It would be great if someday the team (either partially or all of them) got back together so that we could finish this game.
A simple non-gameplay version of room that is destroyed. I didn't create the art assets, but I was the one to make the room look destroyed, and then effects were placed on top of that by Kevin Adams.
One of the rooms that is mostly destroyed in game after collecting an item.
An eraly version of a room that the player can walk through.
A very early room where some story is introduced.
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