Pastel is a 2D infinite runner on the Google Play Store.

Pastel is a game created for IM 313 in Fall of 2014. It is an 2D infinitate runner set in a old timey circus. Pastel was created with A.J. Hambley and Trevor Tomasic. The game is free in the Google Play Store at
I worked on the Proposal, the Design Document, and the Testing Documents for the game. In addition I also helped to create and run the Concept, Alpha, and Beta tests.
Roles: Programming the GUI, the running and jumping of Patel, and the implementation of all art assets; Lead designer and kept the group on track to meet deadlines; Used feedback from testing to improve the game; Used version control; Used SCRUM to keep track of progress and deadlines.
The game was created in Unity using their 2D tools. Art was created in Illustrator. Used Unity's Version Control and Trello to merge and update files. Trello was also used as a SCRUM tool.
This is the C# script for the jumping functionali
This is an image of the gameplay.
This is the title screen.
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