The Dragon Quest

A text based adventure game.

This is a text based game that I created with Alex Jagim for IM 215 in the fall of 2013. It was created using PHP, CSS, and HTML. I did all of the programming side of this project. Alex created the artwork, and we worked together to create the story itself. It took us about one and a half hours to make the story, and then it took me another 2 hours or so to do the programming. Alex then sent me the artwork, and it was added to webpage.
This was a very fun project, because I got to work with someone to make a game. 
This is the opening screen, and everything after this is the same page. It just has different code sets for the different things the user clicks on.
This is a scene if the user choses a wrong option for the storyline. 
This is an option if the player choses a dungeon, and it leads to game over.
This is towards the end, and is where the story starts to divide without dier consequences.
The other option from the previous picture.
This is one of the main endings to the story. There are very few good ending options.
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