Through the Darkness

A horror-rouge like game that travels through a cave trying to find your way out.

Through the darkness is a horror game set in a cave. The dungeon is procedurally generated. The layout is not changed, but the rooms and the layout of each room changes with each play through. There are a total of 5 levels that the player must travel through The start and end points are also randomly located for each level. The objective is to get to the exit without dying. Enemies are scattered throughout to get in your way. How fast can you get through the game, check your time at the end. 
I worked on this game with three other people: Alex Jagim, Tony Opp, and Micheal Howley. We created this for our Game Engine class in the Fall of 2014. What I worked on for this project was design, programming, and art layout for the gameplay. I was one of the major designers and level layout workers. I helped to form the overall idea, and then during the creation procces helped other teamates to create the look and feel of the game. The level layout correlates to the art that I worked on. We purchased all the gameplay art and assets. I then had to modify and group them together to form what is seen in the game. I also made all of the room layouts with the help of Alex Jagim. The last thing that I did was to work on the proggraming of the health bar and enemy attacks. 
The title screen for the game.
This is an example room. It shows the crystal fixtures that I created and the room layout. 
This picture shows the enemy and the health bar. Enemies can be vary hard to see, and the player has to be very careful where they go.
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